Super10 Idn Play – A Latest Technology Poker Game

Super10 idn play is a simple game which is inspired by samgong. This is also known as three pictures game. Super idnplay has been launched in April 2018. This game is played against a dealer, and only IDNPLAY players can play this game. IDNPLAY has a great network in Asia and still developing this game to make it the best gameplay of IDNBPLAY in Asia. This also proves that IDNPLAY is an innovator also who works for game development too. It’s a multiplayer game. The main aspect of this game is very similar to other IDNPLAY games that only Asian players can play this game. It has more than 500,000 players playing this game.

Features of super10 IDNPLAY

Super 10 IDNPLAY is a multiplayer game and provides many features which make the player feel confident enough while playing this game. Although it is not a ground based casino game but its features makes it very professional and gives the feel of actual poker game. The features it provides are as follows.

  • Private tables: The player can create his private table same as the real ground-based poker clubs. These individual tables are safe and password protected. The main benefit of creating a private table is that one can invite the players to play with him. As it is a password protected game, only those players will be able to join your table which has received an invitation from you.
  • These partner brands are presenting Tournament: This game has tie-ups with different brands and various tournaments. So, the players can participate in different tournaments and can enhance their skills to play this game.
  • Multi-currency options: Unlike other poker games, this game is a multi-currency platform. The players can play with their preferred currency. The transaction will be safe while playing this game as the system is encrypted carefully.
  • Progressive jackpot: As this game has tie-ups with big brands, the players get the chance to win a considerable amount as cash prize that too on a daily basis. They update progressive jackpot regularly so that the players can get an idea about the stakes.
  • Poker table: The players will have good options to choose a game. They can choose to play among the shorthanded, heads up or full ring table.

What are the strategies to win this game?

The samgong game is the inspiration behind super 10 IDNPLAY games which is a simple game. Despite being an inspiration for this game, Samgong is little different. In Samgong, the contest runs between the player and the dealer whereas in super10 IDNPLAY the contest goes as player vs player. In the card game, you’ll get the different numbers, and that will be from 2 to 10. The essential cards in this game are jack, king and queen. The numbers from 2 to 10 are well equipped with these variations of cards. If the player is not getting numbers as per his requirement, don’t need to lose the hope as the player can play the game with greater interest to get the ball in his court.