Popular Card Games and the Skills They Teach

Card games have always been a common source of entertainment in India and around the world for several centuries. In this duration, the games have evolved to take new forms and styles. There are many different card games played in India and each have their unique set of challenges. Here we have listed out some of the top card games in India and what skills each of these teach or sharpen:


Indian rummy is the most common variation of rummy that is played in India. The game is popular in all parts of India. It is easy to learn and grasp and suitable for people of all demographics. It is not surprising that Indian rummy online games have managed to get the same attention as these games offline.

The game is referred to as a skills game because it helps the players master many different skills. A good rummy player will also be good at organising. An avid player who also plays cash games will sure have some calculative skills too. He will be good at probability and know which cards to play when.

Mindi Cot

This is a four-player game that is pretty popular across India. In this game, each player tries to catch hold of maximum hands. In this game 10 is of great importance and the team having maximum 10s surely wins. The game requires a good deal of strategizing and planning the moves well. Unlike the 13 cards rummy game, this game requires you to have a strong strategizing mind that can plan moves well.


This is a very interesting game played across India. An alternate name for this game is Cheater-Challenge. In this game, the goal of each player is to complete the cards in his hand before anyone else. You are allowed to place the actual cards face downwards or bluff about it. If you are caught bluffing, you will have to pick cards played by all the preceding players in that particular round. This game is interesting because it requires you to dupe others by knack and a fair share of acting.

Teen Patti

This is a popular game in clubbing circles. The game involves betting and a matter of chance too. Each player is distributed just 3 cards based on which he does the bidding. Whoever wins the bid gets the cash at stake.


Bridge is a four-player game that tests your intellect well. Since the game is not as flexible as rummy or bluff, it is not the first game choice in card game circles.

Why Indian Rummy Still Tops the List When It Comes To Popularity?

While there are so many popular card games that people play in different parts of India, rummy still tops the list of loved card games. Let us try to understand what distinguishes rummy from the rest of the games. Here we have listed a few points that make rummy the best choice when it comes to card games:

  • Flexibility in terms of players: Since the game is not restricting you to just four players, more people can join and enjoy rummy session. This is not possible in other card games where the number of players is fixed at the start.
  • Easy to learn from scratch: Since it does not take an Einstein to learn any variation of rummy, people prefer it over other card games. People play the game fairly well even when they are learning from scratch.
  • Teaches new skills: A game that teaches new skills to the players always scores over other games. Rummy is sure more liked by people because it teaches calculative and organising skills to the players.
  • Most people are familiar with this game: As most people are familiar with this game, it is an obvious first choice in all gaming circles.

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