Baccarat on gclub online

The famous baccarat card game is available on gclub. The website provides the baccarat procedure to its customers to earn money. Gclub online has free baccarat directions for its customers.

Best baccarat online

Baccarat gclub is a direct website. The popular card game is easy to play and gets you quick rewards. There are live broadcasts directly from the Poipet casino table. It gives you a real-time casino experience as if you’re present in front of the table. The baccarat gclub online is number one in Asia. The minimum bet available is just 50 baht. So, what are you waiting for? Apply at online baccarat from gclub and receive a bonus of 100%!

The baccarat has many tables from A – F. You can choose to play from any one of them. More interestingly, it also has insurance baccarat available from A – B. With simple rules, everyone can enjoy baccarat online with 24×7 services.

Rules for baccarat gclub online

There are three important rules you should know before playing baccarat at gclub. But before that, you must get aware of the 2 sides to choose to bet on. One is the banker’s side and the other is the player’s side. The side that has the total card points are considered greater than the side which is winning.

Three basic rules

  • Win or lose outcome: this depends totally on the cards points. If any of the sides have a card value of 8 or 9 points, it’s a win. Also if one side has 7 points and the other has 6, then the side with 7 points wins. But if both the sides have their points less than 5, then an extra card is dealt and the results are calculated promptly. Sometimes, a situation comes where a 3rd card is dealt. If still the points on both sides are the same, then it’s a tie.
  • Face counting of the cards: the cards, 10, J, Q and K have a point equal to 0. One of the cards has a point equal to 1, and the remaining cards have points from 2-9. If the total points of 2 cards do not exceed 9, then the total points are counted. The unit digits of the total points are counted if it exceeds more. Like 18 points are counted as 8 points.
  • Card dealing: the card dealer gives 2 cards each on both sides. If the points do not exceed 5, an extra card is dealt.

Betting positions

Banker wins – has more card points than the player’s side.

Player wins – player’s hand has more points than the banker’s.

Tie – both sides have the same number of cards.

Banker pair – first 2 cards of banker’s side have the same face value.

Player pair – first 2 cards of player’s side have the same face value.

 The game starts with a countdown. You have to choose a chip to place a bet. If you’re choosing a bet of 200 baht, click bet 2 times. Place bets in the desired position by pressing, then press on ‘confirm’ to verify your bet.